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By aeSolutions

 Alarm  Management

aeSolutions provides services and systems to bring the client’s alarm management practices into compliance with the current ISA 18.2 standards. ​ Poor alarm management has been a critical factor in major process safety incidents throughout history. Successful alarm management is key in... Read more »

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By Relcom Inc.

Relcom makes two products that facilitate connection of a PC or laptop to an Ethernet-APL Field Device. Common features are: -Provides power to the Ethernet-APL device -Short-circuit protected -Protocol independent -No Ethernet-APL Power Switch or Field Switch required -Portable - can be used... Read more »

By DS Automotion LLC

AMADEUS is only 1 of hundred of AGVs we have around the world, it is a result of 35 years experience in the development of driverless transport systems. It is characterized by its solid mechanical structure, high personal safety and harmonious compliance and coordination of all components... Read more »

By STRONGARM Designs, Inc.


Strongarm’s articulating enclosure systems are designed and built to your exact specifications. The counterbalanced vertical motion of the Vertica Arm allows the operator to lift effortlessly, lower, and reposition the enclosure using the release handle. When the handle is released, the arm... Read more »

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By Mekayan

AMR Controller. Accelerating Autonomous Mobile Robot / AGV Development A versatile, industry proven controller specifically designed for robotic / autonomous vehicle control applications. Supports all vehicle drive configurations and forms the central component of a scalable Guidance... Read more »

By Mekayan

Our GNC solutions provide a proven platform for your Autonomous Mobile Robot development. Monitrav: It is a scalable traffic management system for material handling applications. Comprising dynamic task scheduling, route generation and real time data analysis, moNitrav manages the movement of... Read more »

By Mekayan

Beacon is a highly accurate Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) laser navigation system with an impressive 45m operating range. It is suitable for large open distribution, storage, warehouse and manufacturing applications. Beacon derives its position using a 360° Lidar scanner with the help of... Read more »

By Mekayan

An intelligent, laser-based natural feature navigation system. This means no wires, tapes or navigation marks. Capable of navigating by reference to existing features within the working environment. Advanced 2D/3D Laser contour scanning and mapping algorithms combine to generate a navigation... Read more »

By Mekayan

Always on the fast track, always on time, always there. moNitrav™ is a scalable traffic management system for material handling applications. Comprising dynamic task scheduling, route generation and real time data analysis, moNitrav™ manages the movement of autonomous vehicles around the work... Read more »

By Mekayan

Conveyor-topped Autonomous Mobile Robot capable of loading boxes, totes, or similar onto briNgbot or to/from conveyor systems. iNcaart is a versatile Autonomous Mobile Conveyor for efficient and adaptable payload transfer from conveyor to conveyor, conveyor to tote/carton lift, vehicle to... Read more »

By Battery Watering Technologies

The Automatic Watering Control monitors the battery voltage to determine when the battery charge is complete. After the charge has been completed, the control will allow water to flow to the battery for a fixed period of time depending on the battery voltage. The water control can be mounted... Read more »