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About Mekayan

Mekayan provides mobile robot solutions for intra logistics purpose. We provide automated solutions in a variety of industries from warehousing and distribution facilities to manufacturing industries. Our mobile robots or Automated Guided Vehicles are developed to move materials from place to place within the company’s facility. Our system continuously monitors and optimizes material handling and information flows.

We specialize in providing Guidance, Navigation and Control parts for an AGV and in integrating the flow of materials with information with a perfect combination of our AGVs and our scheduling and traffic management software. The result is increase in productivity at our customers end.

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Products by Mekayan

By Mekayan

Our GNC solutions provide a proven platform for your Autonomous Mobile Robot development. Monitrav: It is a scalable traffic management system for material handling applications. Comprising dynamic task scheduling, route generation and real time data analysis, moNitrav manages the movement of... Read more »

By Mekayan

Conveyor-topped Autonomous Mobile Robot capable of loading boxes, totes, or similar onto briNgbot or to/from conveyor systems. iNcaart is a versatile Autonomous Mobile Conveyor for efficient and adaptable payload transfer from conveyor to conveyor, conveyor to tote/carton lift, vehicle to... Read more »

By Mekayan

An intelligent, laser-based natural feature navigation system. This means no wires, tapes or navigation marks. Capable of navigating by reference to existing features within the working environment. Advanced 2D/3D Laser contour scanning and mapping algorithms combine to generate a navigation... Read more »

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