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A111/A112  Ethernet-APL Adaptors

A111/A112 Ethernet-APL Adaptors

Available from Relcom Inc.

Relcom makes two products that facilitate connection of a PC or laptop to an Ethernet-APL Field Device. Common features are: -Provides power to the Ethernet-APL device -Short-circuit protected -Protocol independent -No Ethernet-APL Power Switch or Field Switch required -Portable - can be used... Read More

Digital Enterprise Services

Digital Enterprise Services

Available from Siemens Process Automation

Transform your company into a Digital Enterprise with Digital Enterprise Services. We combine traditional services with future technologies, such as artificial intelligence and automation, to boost the quality and efficiency of your production. If you need a spare part, to modernize your plant,... Read More



Available from STRONGARM Designs, Inc.

The RT Terminal Station operator interface terminal is an ultra-sleek, cleanable, and compact HMI station. The tubular cableway arm is fabricated from 2″ stainless steel tubing, and the unique rounded edge enclosure is fabricated from 14g stainless steel sheet. Both the cableway and enclosure... Read More

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Velmex manufactures standard and custom linear and rotary motion-control positioning equipment for research, automation, optical alignment, instrumentation, research, camera positioning, photonics, control systems, R&D, medical applications, prototyping and light industrial applications.... Read More

STRONGARM Designs, Inc.

Located in suburban Philadelphia, Strongarm specializes in customized, ergonomic, and environmentally protected operator interface terminal systems, workstations, mountings, enclosures, and displays for the frontline workforce. Read More

Siemens Process Automation

As a world leader in automation, Siemen’s technology portfolio and best-in-class service can provide the outcome you are searching for. The result is real added value across all industries - regardless of the phase of automation or to what degree of digitalization your company is starting from... Read More

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