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About Automation Service

Dedicated account executives, engineering staff, and skilled technicians are ready to help.
You can depend on our product quality, expertise, and responsiveness to your needs.

Automation Service is internationally recognized as a leading supplier of remanufactured process instrumentation and control valves. Our 7-acre, 100,000+ square foot facility is staffed with a team of product experts. Our on-staff engineers follow rigorous quality control checks and incorporate extensive testing throughout our entire process. Our ISO 9001:2015 certification verifies that our methods are solid, thorough, and continually improving. In short, nothing is more important to us than ensuring that every product that leaves our doors is reliable, and meets every standard of quality.

We house over 30,000 different parts that are production ready, and can start the minute your order is received. We know that when you need an instrument, you need to be sure it’s delivered on time. We guarantee a 2-3 week delivery time for standard orders and need only a 2-5 day lead time for express orders.

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Products by Automation Service

By Automation Service

Remanufactured valves can: -Save you up to 70% on costs -Cut your lead times down to 2-3 weeks -Provide a reliable solution for your process control needs Automation Service offers a variety of remanufactured Fisher control valves including: E-body sliding stem globe control valves V150 rotary... Read more »