Exele Information Systems

349 W Commercial St
East Rochester, NY 14445

About Exele Information Systems

EXELE Information Systems, Inc. is a consulting and software engineering company that specializes in products, services, and applications for the manufacturing, process, and related industries. EXELE was founded in 1978.

EXELE provides software engineering, products, and consulting in the areas of:

Process Alarm Notification and Management
Real time calculations based on process values
Plant-wide information management
Continuous emissions monitoring and reporting
Quality control
Plant, Facility, and Process performance monitoring
Systems integration

Products by Exele Information Systems

By Exele Information Systems

A comprehensive alarm management and alarm notification software system used extensively in Pharmaceutical, Water, and Wastewater industries. TopView works with SCADA system as well as with Distributed Control Systems, SQL Databases, and Process Data Historians such as OSISoft PI and Canary... Read more »