Fibox Enclosures on Earth Day 2013

Press Release from Fibox Enclosures

May 2, 2013

April 22nd is International Earth Day and this years focus is on the “Face of Climate Change”


The Earth Day Event was started back in 1970 by Wisconsin Senator, Gaylord Nelson and was a grass roots action to bring environmental awareness to the the world!

Now 40 years later the world has continued to carry on the Earth Day Message ~ from our search engine Google’s Doodle interactive home page Earth Day Network Facebook page.  Over 192 countries participating in numerous activities in their communties to promote caring for Mother Earth.  What does Earth Day mean to you?  An interesting and easy overview of how you can participate by Allison McCarney for NewsHours Extra talks about some easy ways you can do your part – some of you are probably already doing these!

Many companies have incorporated “eco friendly” into their corporate environments along with their products.  Below are just a couple examples:

@Vestas their global policy along with the products promote winning the “Green Energy Race“.

@WagoCorporation their global policy promotes adhering to standards and methods that recognize sustainability and safety for future generations.

@NewarkElement14 is offering 10% off on all alternative energy products for this week.

As a manufacturer of enclosures, Fibox partners with many of these companies with our RoHS compliant NEMA rated enclosures.  At our injection molding factories around the world Fibox has numerous policies in place to recycle any waste in accordance with ISO standards as well as our own coporate policy.

It is important for companies and individuals to watch their carbon footprints.  I found this site:  The Nature Conservancy which shows how to measure your carbon footprint.  Check it out and see how you rate!


The top 6 easiest things to do 365 days a year that can help make the earth a little better:

1.   Recycle  - you would be surprised how much we all use in our household that can be put in the recycle bin!  Does your state or county offer you a special trash bin?  Check with your local county, my county gave us free Yellow bins and I fill it up every week!

2.   Save energy

~ turn off the light when leaving the room

~ set your computer monitor to go to sleep after 5 minutes

3.   Shut off  your tv or shut down your computer and go outside for a walk

4.   Shop   with your own grocery bags

5.   Stop using plastic water bottles  and get yourself a reusable

6.   Buy local products/produce  that reduces gas/fuel by delivery trucks that sometimes travel more than 1500 miles to your local grocery store


We all need to make just a few changes in our lifestyle and we can do so much to help!

Happy Earth Day!

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