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Vaisala is a global leader in industrial and weather measurements. Vaisala’s Industrial Measurements business area provides customers with accurate and reliable measurement products for visibility into their own processes, which enables them to make decisions for optimized industrial processes.

Our technologies can be found in demanding environments from hospitals, national parks and data centers to airports and wind farms all over the world, and beyond, as even the Mars Rover Curiosity is equipped with our sensors.

Vaisala’s measurement products and systems are used to measure and monitor temperature, humidity, dew point, pressure, carbon dioxide, vaporized hydrogen peroxide, methane, moisture in oil, dissolved gases in transformer oil, and dissolved solids in liquids.

Headquartered in Finland, the company employs 1,850 professionals worldwide and is listed on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki.

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Products by Vaisala, Inc

By Vaisala, Inc

Measure humidity, temperature, dew point, moisture in oil, carbon dioxide, or vaporized hydrogen peroxide with interchangeable smart probes, robust transmitters, and intuitive Indigo Insight PC software – a strong chain of data to ensure energy-efficiency, safety, and end-product quality in your... Read more »

By Vaisala, Inc

Vaisala HUMICAP® Humidity and Temperature Probe HMP3 is a general-purpose probe designed for processes with moderate humidity and temperature levels. The probe structure allows the sensor to be replaced in the field without tools, making it suitable for applications such as industrial HVAC... Read more »

By Vaisala, Inc

The intrinsically safe HMT370EX is the ideal solution for use in hazardous areas up to zone 0 and 20. In addition to measuring relative humidity and temperature, the transmitter outputs also other humidity parameters: dew point temperature, wet-bulb temperature, absolute humidity, mixing ratio,... Read more »

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Integrated weather data for efficient building operation

Integrated weather data for efficient building operation

Integrated weather data for efficient building operation

By Vaisala, Inc

We are unable to control the weather, but with integrated weather data we can control how our buildings react to it. When forecast and real-time weather data are integrated into a BAS, it can increase the efficiency of HVAC, reduce use of the municipal water supply, and other resources. It is...
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