HighByte Launches Turnkey Unified Namespace Solution for the Factory

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Industrial software company releases HighByte Intelligence Hub version 3.0 to simplify complex data processing and enterprise scalability for Industrial DataOps

PORTLAND, Maine, Feb. 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- HighByte®, an industrial software company, today announced the release of HighByte Intelligence Hub version 3.0 that simplifies scalability and complex data processing to meet the evolving needs of industrial companies in their digital transformation journey. The latest release includes core functionality to build, deploy, and manage a Unified Namespace (UNS), enable complex data pipeline processing, simplify project management through tagging, and much more.

Statement from Jan EK, SKF Group Technical Strategy Leader for Manufacturing

"The user experience of HighByte Intelligence Hub version 3.0 is seamless and intuitive, with a modern and well-designed interface," said Jan Ek, technical strategy leader for manufacturing at SKF Group in Sweden. SKF is a world-leading provider of innovative rotating shaft solutions and services, represented in more than 130 countries. "The new Pipelines feature brings an abundance of possibilities to build models and execute transformations with ease, and the added tagging capabilities truly elevate the deployment process to a whole new level."

According to independent research firm Verdantix, the demand for Industrial DataOps platforms and data aggregation solutions will surge in 2023, owing to data management challenges. In the firm's 2022 global corporate survey, 97% of respondents stated that expanding data acquisition capabilities related to cleaning, contextualization, and visualization are important to their operations in 2023. To succeed, the ability to scale across sites and the diverse, infinite amount of data they produce is critical. HighByte Intelligence Hub version 3.0 enables this scale by providing a digital infrastructure solution capable of curating, contextualizing, and preparing industrial data for use across the enterprise. 

"HighByte customers have had early success deploying HighByte Intelligence Hub as the Industry 4.0 data architecture solution to meet their initial digital transformation requirements," said HighByte CEO Tony Paine. "Building on the success of preparing operational data through standardization, contextualization, and normalization and transforming it into usable information for the entire enterprise, customers are now looking to solve more advanced use cases by further centralizing OT-IT intelligence. HighByte Intelligence Hub version 3.0 introduces the necessary capabilities and user experience required to further simplify complex data processing at scale with the agility of meeting an organization's future needs."

The Intelligence Hub version 3.0 includes an MQTT broker tightly integrated with the hub's core data integration and contextualization capabilities. The MQTT v3.1.1 and v5 compliant broker is a critical component to rapidly deploying a local UNS and was built from the ground up by HighByte. A UNS is the fastest growing design pattern for integrating industrial data into a highly scalable and accessible structure to provide a real time view of the state of the business. The latest release also includes a graphical data Pipelines builder to configure and curate complex data payloads for object storage systems like Amazon S3. The builder includes steps to buffer, transform, and format payloads and the ability to track the transformation of data through the pipeline. This provides customers a holistic approach to processing files and other bulk data.

HighByte Intelligence Hub version 3.0 is now commercially available. Please contact HighByte or an authorized distributor to request a trial or purchase an annual subscription license. 

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